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22 Mar 2021

Building counterfactuals for sklearn models

Counterfactuals provide a model-agnostic method for black box machine learning algorithms interpretable and human-understandable.
12 Mar 2021

The Laplace approximation

The Laplace Laplace approximation still provides the simplest deterministic method available for approximate inference. Let's implement it in python.
06 Mar 2021

Horseshoe priors in numpyro

This post looks at how to implement a horseshoe prior in `numpyro` to do sparse Bayesian inference. We'll see that the ...
13 May 2020

Linking python with PostGIS

GIS databases are sort of a necessary evil. Once your data gets too big for RAM you've got to start thinking either abo...
11 Apr 2020

Estimating CDFs from data done right

This post looks at estimating empirical cumulative density functions (CDFs) and their confidence intervals from data. ...
23 Mar 2020

Confidence intervals for LOWESS models in python

LOWESS (or also referred to as LOESS for *locally-weighted scatterplot smoothing*) is a non-parametric regression metho...
16 Mar 2020

Fast and easy gridding of point data with geopandas

This post looks at using the geopandas library to do fast efficient gridding of point data onto a regular grid.
14 Mar 2020

Visualising 2 billion pixel rasters with datashader and xarray

This post looks at visualising large raster datasets with [Datashader](https://datashader.org) and [xarray](http://xarr...
06 Mar 2020

Essential packages for geospatial analysis in python

Python is fast becoming the defacto standard for geospatial work -- primarily because of its great ecosystem of package...
01 Mar 2020

ASCII maps of vector files

# ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ I recently came across a nice python package for visualising vector data quickly. Of course, an obvious option...